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Sunday, 07 June 2009 15:20

Forum Features:

  1. Articles are organized by Categories. Within some Categories, there are sub-categories.
  2. Read the articles in order, or you can search by Keyword.
  3. Articles can be viewed, saved, printed, or Commented on.
  4. You can be notified via E-mail when article is updated, click on SUBCRIBE (to the right).
  5. You can RANK an article as Userful or Not Useful.
  6. You can export a Category, or the entire Forum to a .pdf file and print it. I would only print out small sections at at time since there will be a significant level of updates over the next several months.
  7. You can increase the Font Size of the articles using the button to the top right that allows you to enlarge or decrease the size of the article test.
    You can Comment on any Article.
  8. You can ask Questions from the authors.


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